Sector: Building Ecological/Green Buildings / Location: Toulouse (France)

Environment & Acquisition

It is in the heart of Grand Toulouse, an agglomeration of more than 720,000 inhabitants, welcoming more than 9,000 new residents every year, that BATISUN 2 will become the owner of a BEPOS building

This dynamic metropolis, driven by the aeronautics and space sector (No.1 in Europe) and by the medical research sector (creation of the Oncopole and the Cancer-Organic-Health division) is performing well in terms of job creation: increase of 1.9% in 2012 and 1.4% in 2013.

Toulouse is also 2 027 hours of sunshine a year (on average)

▪ Description :

Commercial buildings including parts for use as offices and warehouse.

▪ Location:

10 rue Henri Turner, 31100 TOULOUSE, France
ZAC THIBAULT (Joint Development Zone), business area located south-west of TOULOUSE with access to the Toulouse ring road nearby.

▪ Specifications:

Total area: 2 611m²
Buildings area: 1 090m²

Existing building

The project: renovation of a tertiary building

External works

  • Organization of existing parking
  • Demolition of the North-West facade of the building
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof
  • Removing the acroterium present on the south-east and south-west facades
  • Creation of openings according to the needs of the interior offices
  • Dressing of the roof edge by bending powder coated steel
  • Dressing of the existing plaster with a wood slatted cladding
  • Repeated plaster and paint on deteriorated walls

Internal works

Three mixed spaces arranged as follows:

  • Offices
  • Creation of a convertible space upstairs
  • Warehouse creation


  • Installation of a 144 kWp photovoltaic power plant representing 576 solar panels.

A total area of 980 m² of photovoltaic material, representing:

  • 80 tons of CO2 avoided per year
  • The annual energy consumption of 190 inhabitants

Overall envelope of civil society: € 1,155,000, ie € 1,060 per m².

Date of purchase of the building: June 2015

Estimated date of completion: at the latest on 31/12/2015




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