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Today, all SOLSTICE CONSULTING projects are concentrated in 4 main activity areas:


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As a logic of reducing consumption, self-consumption proves to be an economical and ecological solution, allowing users to secure part of their energy consumption. Profitable in the long term, self-consumption reduces its electricity bill while contributing to the energy transition.

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An example of an installation

Installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof, designed to erase the peak consumption of the Kube buildings of the real estate developer First Immo (Madagascar) and supply them with electricity during the day. It will allow the company to:

– Achieve a significant energy saving of around 35.7%
– Limit the impact of Jirama electricity tariff increases (local electricity supplier)
– Improve the energy efficiency of its buildings

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The manufacture
“clean” electricity

The development of renewable energies in the current energy MIX is today an obligation. This is the result of political decisions made in the face of the imperative need to produce energy “differently”, all studies having demonstrated what the future would be without this awareness.

More and more developed in many countries such as China, Germany and Japan, photovoltaic power plants generate clean and inexhaustible electricity: A great challenge for our planet!

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An example of an installation

Installation of 32 bioclimatic greenhouses in Aimargues (30470).

This revolutionary project represents a double challenge: generating clean energy while developing organic farming.

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Control of energy

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To reduce
electricity consumption

The goal here is to reduce electricity consumption. In addition to disruptions in energy use parts, the need to reduce spending in a challenging economic environment has become a top priority for businesses and communities.

An example of an installation

LED relamping in the city hall, kindergarten and primary school in the city of Laroque D’Olmes.
The project involves replacing all the neon lights, mostly obsolete and defective, with more modern and less expensive lighting.
The objectives for the client :
– reduce energy consumption
– significantly increase the life of the lightning

Building green buildings

To create
“passive” buildings

These buildings, called passive, are intended for professional or commercial use. They are equipped to produce energy and constructed to consume little of it. Each roof and parking space accommodates photovoltaic panels. Charging stations for electric vehicles are also installed.

Studies detailing the concrete applications of the energy transition are suggesting that savings in buildings must be a priority objective of this change.

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An example of an installation

Reconstruction of commercial premises including office and warehouse parts in Toulouse (31100).

As part of the transformation of premises into green building, it is planned to install sets of photovoltaic modules on the roof.

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