Acting for the energy transition


Sector: Control of energy / Location: France (09600 LAROQUE D’OLMES)

Project display

The project consists of a replacement of the current lighting for LED lighting, in two buildings of the city of Laroque d’Olmes, located in Ariège (09600). The two buildings concerned are the City hall and the Joliot Curie Public Primary School.

The purpose of this lighting change is to achieve a strong energy saving for these two buildings. Indeed, LED bulbs are both economical and ecological:
It consumes 80% less electricity than a conventional incandescent bulb and has a very good life (at least 15,000 hours). This life can be up to 25 years, 25 to 50 times more than a conventional incandescent bulb.
Finally, the LED bulb does not contain mercury or polluting gas and is recyclable.



Project description

Project description: Modification of LED lighting
Objective: Energy saving
Reason: Replacement of current LED lighting
Place: City hall and Primary School of Laroque D’Olmes (Ariège)

Execution planning

Start of work: August 2017
Commissioned: October 2017

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