Acting for the energy transition

Spark Horizon: Recharge terminals for Electric Vehicules

Sector: Energy Management/ Location: France 

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The car industry is responsible for the production of extremely harmful pollutants, very few favor green alternatives.
Every year, 333 million tons of carbon dioxide are produced by cars, representing 20% of total global emissions.
82% of EV users think that there are not enough public charging stations in cities.

Spark Horizon accelerates the adoption of the electric vehicle by deploying the first European network of free and universal charging stations, sponsored through media content and marketing partnerships.
The company reaches equilibrium in 10-15 months compared to an industry standard of 7-9 years, entirely dependent on the sale of energy.
Spark Horizon has also 100 stations signed with 5 real estate groups in 3 countries.

A total of




Location: France (Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Montpellier)
Reason: Installation of 10 charging stations for electric vehicles
* Free electricity for EV drivers
* Unique advertising support for brands committed to sustainable development
* Free support: Free installation and free maintenance


Installation period: Between July 2018 and October 2018
Date of commissioning: 4 months after receipt of funds
Number of stations: 10 stations
Production time: 6 to 8 weeks
Installation time: 1 day to 1 week


– Belle Epine – Paris
– Rives of Arcins – Bordeaux
– Toulouse Blagnac






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