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“Consume less to win more”


After the 2007 economic crisis and to offset the rising cost of energy, Bertrand Manier, manager of Solstice, based in Gramont, imagined an original economic model. “We say that we must invest in the real economy, which must be ecological. In 2014, Solstice raised € 13 million in subscriptions, fully invested in photovoltaic and green systems. We work on 3 axes: positive energy buildings, energy saving and clean energy, “he explains.

Then, in order to propose solutions to reduce the electricity consumption of the companies or communities which ask him about it , Bertrand Manier created Nyx Energie. Installation of photovoltaic street lamps, replacement of aging lighting, or computer management of the most energy-consuming electrical equipment, is some of the hi-tech techniques used by his company. “In fact, after making the energy balance of our customers, we are looking for all possible levers to reduce their bill,” explains Gilles Garcia, sales manager. For his part, Jean-Marc Messina, Operations Manager, points out that “until then, there was little interest in France because electricity was cheap.”

But, the singularity of Nyx Energie is that it fully finances the installation and maintenance of this equipment. His clients then pay Bertrand Manier for part of the savings. In addition, its expertise in solar energy is supported by Solstice’s fleet of 70 photovoltaic power plants. The company employs 7 people in Gramont, collaborates with 7 subcontractors who hire 70 employees, and plans to develop at the European level.

“Bertrand understood that ecological tools can create wealth,” insists Gilles Garcia. In fact, these released gains allow to pay investors. He continues: “In 2015, our goal is to raise 25 million €, to reach, in the long run, 40 to 50 million € “.


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