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“Gramont’s electrical self-consumption”


 “Today, we inaugurate the first building in France that operates in total energy self-consumption”, says  Gilles Garcia, commercial director of the company Nyx Energie, last week at the inauguration in the suburbs of Lyon premises of 900 m² which is a showcase for his company based in Gramont. Completely autonomous, this innovative building is therefore not connected to EDF’s network (see in frame) and is owned by Cap Sud, a photovoltaic establishment and Nyx Energie’s main partner. The investment made to make this building 100% autonomous amounts to € 200,000. Stéphane Gilli, manager of Cap Sud, estimates   35 000 €  of the economy he will achieve each year.

“There are many solutions to save energy and reduce the consumption of enterprises and local communities,” explains   Bertrand Manier, manager of Nyx Energie, before announcing: “By the end of the year, we will equip our premises in Gramont on the same principle, the principle  of self-consumption “.

But, without necessarily submitting to his customers complete self-consumption solutions such as the one presented by Cap Sud, Bertrand Manier offers to companies and communities which ask  him  about the installation of photovoltaic systems and computerized procedures that generate substantial savings of energy. But, suggesting that the possibilities of indebtedness are more and more reduced, he created the company Solstice, which proposes to finance the installations by means of funds raised from investors. Bertrand Manier’s company then installs the equipment at his own expense and invoices his customers on the basis of part of the savings.

How it works?

“We use new generation flexible solar panels, which weigh only 2.4 kg per m2 and are stuck on the roof of the building. They are therefore very light and do not require structural reinforcement, “explains Stéphane Gilli, manager of Cap Sud. Produced electricity is then stored in a series of necessary accumulators. According to Stéphane Gilli, the storage capacities of the batteries installed in his building “allow 12 days of autonomy”. So he even plans to resell the overflow of produced electricity to his neighbors. However, a generator running on vegetable oil can take the rest if necessary.


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