Acting for the energy transition

Realization: CAPSUD Group

Sector: Self-consumption/ Location: France (Toulouse)

Description of investment

Implementation of a self-consumption system with photovoltaic roofs

The building is located at Technological Campus, 85 rue Condorcet, 38090 VAULX-MIDIEU.

The CAPSUD Group wishes to reduce the environmental and economic impact by equipping itself with a Hybrid energy solution combining photovoltaic energy and the network (EDF).
The desire is to reduce the cost of the electricity bill while anticipating future tariff increases. To do this, a HYBRID Power solution is envisaged: Flexible photovoltaic panels on the roof, automatic switchover on the EDF network in the event of insufficient solar irradiation.
Part of the energy production of photovoltaic panels will be stored on batteries.


Photovoltaic power: 34 kWp
Photovoltaic panels: HYBRID Power
Inverters: Multiplus hybrid double conversion
Number of modules: 125 solar panels of 275 Wc each

Photovoltaic power



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