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Sector: Self-consumption / Location: Madagascar (Antananarivo)

Groupe First Immo
Groupe First Immo

Project Display

First Immo, a major player in property development, is a subsidiary of Axian Group, which is the leader in the distribution of tankers, telecom and mobile operator in the Indian Ocean.

  • The headquarters is based in Antananarivo, Madagascar.
  • In addition to Madagascar, the group is now established on 3 islands: Reunion and Mayotte, Comoros.
  • Creation of the company: AXIAN Group exists since 150 years.
  • Turnover in 2015: $ 515 million.
  • The number of employees: 4,000 people.

The project involves the installation of a rooftop photovoltaic system, designed to erase the peak consumption of the Group’s KUBE buildings and supply them with electricity during the day. It will enable the Group to:

  • Achieve a strong energy saving of around 35.7%
  • Limit the impact of Jirama electricity rate increases





Location: KUBE Building D Galaxy area, Dr Raseta Street, Andraharo BP 12 007, Antananarivo 101
Reason: Deletion of peak and daily consumption
Goal: Energy Efficiency
Area of the facility: 2400 m²
Power: 390 kWp

Eco,omic data of the project

Optimized productivity: 1538 KWh / KWc / m² / year

Annual production: 600 000 KWh minimum

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Execution planning

Project Manager: Madagascar CAPSUD Group
Provisional start of works: February / March 2018
Commissioned (Consuel deadline): May 2018

Maintenance and reporting

As part of the transformation of the existing premises, it is also planned to carry out:

  • Monthly issuance of production records.
  • Annual maintenance.
  • Implementation of a remote monitoring system.






Surface & location of power plants

A total surface of 2400 m² of photovoltaic material, representing:


– 276 tones of CO2 avoided per year
– The annual energy consumption of 667 inhabitants

Economy on the long term

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